Monday, June 23, 2014

My Journey With Hearing Loss

by My Flow
Recently a student in the HES program sat down to answer some questions about hearing loss, FMs and her future plans.

Q – How did you feel when you found out that you had a hearing loss?
A – I felt like I didn’t know what happened to me.  I was six years old.  I found  out by going to a place with my mom to check my hearing.
Q – What made your family think that you needed to have your hearing checked?
A – My family members noticed that I seemed to miss things that they said.
Q – How did you feel when you started to wear hearing aids?
A – I felt shy when I started to use hearing aids.  Others kids were like , “What’s that in your ear?” and they were staring at me and I didn’t like it.  I told them, "It’s  a hearing aid to help me hear and they said, “Are you deaf?”  I said, “No, but I can’t hear  well.”
Q – What did you think of the FM unit when you got it to use in school?
A – I felt embarrassed, like I didn’t want to use it.  Other kids were asking, “What’s that?”  I told them it’s a microphone for the teacher to speak into so I could hear what she’s saying.
Q- Are you still using the FM equipment?
A – No, I don’t use it because I feel that I get everything the teacher says. If teachers turn their back on me, she or he will write the information down or others might ask what he or she said.  If I still don’t understand, then I will ask.
Q – What advice would you give to kids who are just finding out that they have a hearing loss?
A – I’ll tell them, “Don’t worry, things will get better cause people will get used to it.”
Q- What are your future plans?
A-My future plans are to become a basketball player in high school and college.  After that I would like to pursue a career in acting and dancing.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Advice for Freshmen!

BoldAdvice to a New Freshman
by Tewwey Lovestone
Now that I am a senior, I’ve been looking back to my first days as a high school student. I remember the advice people gave me – and I wish I would have listened. So now here is the advice I would give to kids preparing for high school and who will be freshman in the fall.
1. Do as you’re told! In junior high school I always went to class. But when I got to high school, there was so much going on that it was more fun not to go to class.
Also, in junior high school all the classes were fun because you’re younger. In high school the work is a lot harder. What you find out is that if you don’t go to class, the work doesn’t get any easier. Even though going to class seemed boring, I’ve learned that in the long run that’s what puts the 90 on your report card.
2. Find the right company! In high school you’re going to find a much more diverse atmosphere. Different people with many different ideas thoughts and lifestyles are in high school. It would be easy for you to end up with the wrong group of people that might bring you down the wrong path at this fresh and early stage. Try your best to click with the people who are striving for the same things or better things than you are
3. Ask questions! For example, if the teacher is teaching something and you don’t understand, ask the teacher to explain to you what you don’t understand. If the explanation isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to ask again. The teachers’ job is to teach you so you should take advantage of it. Besides, asking questions will also help you with homework. You won’t have to go home struggling to do homework if you ask the teacher to explain what’s being taught.
Bold4. Your guidance counselor is your best friend! He /she will be the one to guide you through the high school maze as smoothly as possible. Being close to your guidance counselor will open up doors for you. Your guidance counselor will make sure that certain students have your back and that all is well with your education.

I have honestly not followed all of these steps in the beginning but I wish I had. I would have done 80% more work and I would have been 100% more successful. As a senior I am paying for my slacking off now. I’m finally getting the grades I want. All that you do over the years will catch up with you. Do your best to do the right things while you have the opportunity to.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bullying In School

What Is Bullying?
By Blume Fan SC

The definition of bullying is to intimidate a weaker person. Intimidation has gone online, which is called cyber-bullying. Cyber-Bullying is by cell phone or Facebook. For example Bob puts up on Facebook, "Who thinks Timmy Is annoying ?"

How Do You Deal With Bullying?

To deal with bullying you have to ignore the bully. If he makes a bad comment turn it into a joke. If that doesn't help,talk to an adult about these situations that happen in school.

How Do Other People Respond to Bullying ?

Some schools believe they have the job to stop bullying. In Massachusetts they have cut bullying down. They passed a law against bullying at school. Here in I.S.227 they find the person who did the mean stuff and they get suspended.

What I Think About Bullying

I think that bullying should stop because it's being done almost in all the states, countries, and even continents and it hurts people in many ways. I also think that bullying should be against the law everywhere so no one gets hurt or commits suicide.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Soccer: Past and Present

Soccer Through the Ages

by ChrisAngel

Did you know soccer was played 3,000 years ago?

3,000 years ago Japan hosted the first game ever played. There were also games in China in 50 BC. If Japan and China played today who would you pick? In Kyoto in 611 AD a game was played that was like modern soccer. The Romans played a game that was like modern soccer too.

What was the game in ancient Rome like?

The first soccer games played at the Olympics games had teams of 27 men. The players played soccer hard. Some players had to go to the hospital because they played so hard during the 50 minute games.

King Edward in England (1307-1327) passed a law against soccer. In the 1800’s queen Elizabeth the First saw players playing in the villages. She said they should be put to jail for a week.

In1815 at Eton college in England; soccer was back. They wrote the first rule book at Eton.

In 1904 FIFA was started in Paris; France. FIFA stands for the Federacion Internationale de Football association. FIFA runs the World Cup. Soccer teams from all over the world play in the World Cup.

My favorite teams are from Mexico. My favorite teams are Chivas, Santos and Cruz Azul.

There are three soccer teams in Guadalajara. The team Chivas plays in Jalisco. They are most popular and oldest team. Chivas players must be born in Mexico. There is another group of Chivas called Chivas USA. When the players score they chear, jump and run.

Chivas usually plays on Saturday. The Chivas colors are red, white, and blue. I own a Chivas t-shirt. My shirt is yellow, white, and blue. I wear the shirt when it’s summer. My father plays for a different team in New York, where we live. My father and I always make a bet about who will win the game. Soccer makes me and my family connected.

The world is being connected by soccer, even in the past and into the future.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Tae Kwan Do

by ChrisAngel

How much do you know about Tae Kwan Do?

The thing you need to know about T.K.D. is that it means foot, hand , way. T.K.D is a martial art. T.K.D. martial art has kicking and punches.

T.K.D started in 50 B.C in Korea . Warriors started T.K.D all over the country. Now today it is in countries all over the world.

How many kicks are in T.K.D?

There are high-kicks, back kicks , low kicks , and turn kicks. Those are four kicks that represent T.K.D. The axe kicks and front kicks are powerful kicks.

Sometimes you need to balance on one leg. In T.K.D. you have to be ready for your stance.
Your stance is the way you stand to be in balance.

I think T.K.D might help people have more respect for one another. That is because there are five aims inT.K.D.

These are:

Friday, March 12, 2010

Movie Review: "12 Rounds" with John Cena

12 Rounds

by ChrisAngel

Have you ever seen John Cena in "Marine"? That movie came out in 2008.

This year John Cena starred in "12 Rounds." What happens in "12 Rounds" is Johnnie {John Cena} is trying to save his wife from this man who breaks out of prison and kidnaps his wife.

The movie is very cool: all the explosions, cars crashing, stopping a train, and all the other action make this movie a hit. The people who created this movie were director Renny Harlin, and writer Dainel Keunker.

My opinion is that John Cena is a great actor and a great wrestler. He is very good when he plays in this movie.

I recommend this movie. Last week John Cena was in "Psych". In this movie the acting was also good. I feel that John Cena was chosen to be a wrestler and an actor. I can't wait to see what he does next!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Movie Review:

"Paranormal Activities"

by ZoeMike

A couple lives in a house. But guess what – the house is haunted by ghosts! Imagine living in a haunted house. How would you feel? Now you probably know how Miko and Marty felt. They are the main characters in “Paranormal Activities.” This movie brings chills down your spine.

The movie opens with a scene in which Miko and Marty go to a new house. They get settled. When it comes night, weird stuff happens. When they wake up they see stuff misplaced. They also see a gallon of blood on the floor, and a body they don’t even know lying beside it!
Do things get worse after this? H*** yeah!! Some of the things that happen include Marty becoming possessed by a ghost, and finding a picture of a little girl who was murdered.
The acting in the movie was extremely believable.

This to me is a five-star movie. I would recommend it to anyone who likes getting killed – I mean, scared – scared as h***!!!!